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The Tin God is a dramatic, 25 minute short from Brandon Bartkowiak and starring Michael McCallum. Produced by A.E. Griffin.

Edward Town is a rough and tumble police detective who's shaken up by a haunting case that he couldn't solve in time. Years later, he finds himself battling drug addiction and a tortured conscience. When he takes on the job of "guardian angel" for a wealthy brother  and sister, Edward's blurred sense of duty threatens to erupt with brutal consequences.

"I Give this great film 3 1/2 stars [out of 5]." -Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1
"The Tin God....with car chases, murder, and kidnapping is pretty full of action." -Emily Smith Lansing Noise
"He's [Edward Town] heartless and heartfelt at the same time. The film’s creative camerawork introduces an intrusive, spy-like point of view." -Katie Luscombe Lansing City Pulse
"A very interesting well-filmed drama. Everything about it screams how serious these people are about their work and how much they enjoy doing it." -Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1
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