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7/30/07 The Tin God is now up on Many thanks go out to A.E. Griffin.
6/1 - 6/3/07 The Tin God played during Grand Rapids' Festival of the Arts in the GR Art Museum.
11/11/06 The Tin God dvd has a long lost review on and on page 112 of the book Gross Movie Reviews Volume 1. Thanks to Mike and Tim!
10/2/06 The Tin God is up online on this site, Myspace, Youtube, Google video, and
10/1/06 The Tin God is played at the The Don Brown Gallery in DeWitt, MI
7/27/06 Website launched!
2/18/06 The Tin God trailer is up on,, and
12/14/05 The Tin God played at Wealthy St. Theatre in Grand Rapids. It was part of a year end function put on by the WMFVA. Much thanks to A.E. Griffin!
11/15/05 The Tin God had an encore showing at Magdalena's. Special Edition DVD went on sale.
11/9/05 The Tin God got a write up in the Lansing City Pulse Click here for the article.
11/1/05 The Tin God was noted in the November newsletter of the WMFVA Click here for the posting
9/15/05 The Tin God premiered as 50+ people filled Magdalena's Tea House in Lansing, MI. 
9/14/05 The Tin God was featured in the Sept 14th edition of The Noise publication.
9/1/05 The Tin God was noted in the September newsletter of the West Michigan Film and Video Alliance. Click here for the posting 
8/29/05 A press screening was held at Magdalena's Tea House.




8/15/05 All video editing was finished. Audio mixing began.
8/1/05 The final scene is shot.
6/12/05 The main day of shooting.
6/3/05 All editing on the car chase sequence was finished.
5/30/05 Shooting begins.